Spotlight Videos


SEAN | Mandeville, Louisiana

Sean is an outgoing fundraiser working to send other young people with bleeding disorders to summer camp, and a tireless supporter of local veterans. When it came time to honor veterans at his school, Sean realized he and many others needed a reliable and efficient way to connect with the large local veteran population, so he built the community’s first database of local veterans, still in service to this day! Check out Sean’s Teen Impact Awards Spotlight Video here!


SAM | Lexington, Kentucky

Sam is an experienced Boy Scout and leader. He’s led treks deep into the woods, up and over mountains, and earned over 40 merit badges. Sam is also an expert in preparing for these extreme physical and mental challenges, working closely with his HTC to ensure his safety and well-being before each new adventure. Check out James’ Teen Impact Awards Spotlight Video here!


JAMES | Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland

James is a fearless swimmer and generous leader, facing an ever-changing diagnoses with heart, humor and hustle. James father is in the military, so James also demonstrates resilience and strength every time his family moves to a new city and a new HTC. Check out James’ Teen Impact Awards Spotlight Video here!


GABI | Fenton, Missouri

Gabi is a true leader on her soccer team and in her bleeding disorders community, organizing fundraisers and helping raise bleeding disorders awareness through social media. Check out Gabi’s Teen Impact Awards Spotlight Video here!


ISMAEL | Okemos, Michigan

Ismael is a kind and generous community member and family member. From volunteering to help younger kids at his chapter’s bleeding disorders camp to volunteering to help his parents in their burgeoning food truck business, Ismael is making an impact every day! Check out Ismael’s Teen Impact Awards Spotlight Video here!