2018 FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

(2019 FAQ Coming Soon!)

Believe Limited is excited to bring you the fourth annual Teen Impact Awards! Together, we want to recognize the young people in the community whose lives are our inspiration. We invite you to submit for recognition any action taken after August, 2017 that created a positive impact in your own life or the lives of those around you.


The Teen Impact Awards are hosted by Believe Limited’s Patrick James Lynch, creator of Stop The Bleeding!, Helping Hany, Powering Through, and other community programs.


The Teen Impact Awards are an educational community awards show honoring young people (Ages 13-18) affected by bleeding disorders who are positively impacting the world around them.


The evening of Thursday, October 11th, 2018, from 8:00pm to 10:00pm.


The Orlando World Center Marriott, 8701 World Center Dr, Orlando, FL 32821 (location of NHF's 2018 Bleeding Disorders Conference).


The Teen Impact Awards recognize young people with bleeding disorders whose actions positively impact the world around them, by engaging in acts of service & volunteerism in their community, school, or home; demonstrating a commitment to health & wellness behaviors; or by role modeling exceptional achievement in academics, athletics, or the arts.

Can siblings and children of people with bleeding disorders apply?

Yes! The Awards are open to any 13-18 year old affected by a bleeding disorder, which for us includes siblings and children of those living with hemophilia, vWD, or another inherited blood disorder.

When can I submit?

Submissions are open from Friday, June 15th - Wednesday, August 1st at 11:59pm PST.

May I nominate someone who has been recognized with a Teen Impact Award before?

Certainly! As long as the impactful action has occurred after August, 2017.

We won’t be able to attend the 2018 Teen Impact Awards live event. Can my teen be recognized anyway?

Of course! We recognize that traveling to NHF’s Bleeding Disorders Conference can be a financial and scheduling burden for most families. Because of this, we will be making a video of the awards available for those who can’t attend to watch at home and share with their families!


Questions? Please email lead producer, Rob Bradford: rob@believeltd.com

Please check back occasionally: we will update the FAQ page as more questions come in!